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Why your business presence on Google Maps matters

April 21, 2023 • Posted in Tasks• By Chris Deane

Google Maps is becoming an increasingly popular way for people to decide where to go, which means that having a strong presence on the platform is essential for any business that wants to attract new customers. With your Google Business Profile, you can set up a free online Business Profile that provides key information about your business, products or services. Here are some benefits of having a strong presence on Google Maps:

  1. Help users easily find and view your location
  2. Start conversations with potential customers who discover your business
  3. Drive more traffic to your website by including a link in your Business Profile
  4. Showcase your business with images and virtual tours
  5. Increase foot traffic to your physical location by listing your open hours
  6. Build your reputation with reviews and ratings from satisfied customers

Make the most of your presence of Google Maps by:

Showcasing your business with images

When users search for a business on Google Maps, they often want to see what the place looks like before they visit. Adding images to your Google Business Profile can give potential customers a sneak peek of what to expect and generate excitement about your business. For example, hangry customers love to browse food photos before deciding where to eat. In fact, mobile searches for “menus” have increased by 55% in the past two years.

Increase foot traffic by listing your opening hours

Nothing is more frustrating than arriving at a business only to find it closed. By listing your opening hours on your Google My Business profile, you can help potential customers avoid disappointment and increase foot traffic to your store. Google Maps users can filter their searches based on which businesses are open now, and a “closing soon” tag can also encourage customers to visit your business before it’s too late.

Building your reputation with reviews

Positive reviews from satisfied customers can help build your business’s reputation and attract new customers. Encourage customers to leave reviews on your Google Business Profile and respond promptly to any negative feedback. This shows that you value customer satisfaction and are committed to providing a high-quality experience.

One-click connect

Optimise your profile for better rankings, enhanced visibility, and new customer acquisition.

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